End of the year for the Rockies

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On Tuesday night, the Rockies officially withdrew their candidacy for postseason by losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers. That coupled with wins by San Francisco, San Diego and Atlanta sealed their fate. Yet, they had one final game to play at home to officially close out their home segment of the 2010 season. Bear in mind that the Rockies have 4 games left in the season, all in St. Louis. But as today was the home ending game, it was fitting to have a fan appreciation day. I will have some pictures at the end of this article, so stay tuned.


There's Ubaldo and Jorge De La Rosa

To start the game, the weather was nice. No, wait. The weather was HOT! It felt like it was a summer day. Denver broke a record yesterday at 91 degrees, and today looked like it was going to be more of the same. The best weather I’ve been to. The fans also turned out, even if most of them who had hoped for a postseason berth knew it was not to be. Upon entering, one got a free ticket for a game next year. But that was not all. Despite not having batting practice, the pitchers came out for their warm up tosses to each other. Everyone was so excited when Ubaldo came out… and he got asked for more autographs than the others (though Morales and Beimel came over as well.)

Also, before the game, several of us from Twitter met up. As many of us had tickets in the 2 nearby sections (116 and 117), we could converse at least up until the first pitch. Those of us that were there were Audra (@audinco) Dan (@originalideaman) and her family, Amber (@msroxrock), and Katie (@EllisFan14), and myself (@druidlove). It was a pleasure to meet all of these fine people.


Frank, at the game

Mini-Tweetup at Coors

Mini-Tweetup at Coors

During the national anthem, there were red fireworks shooting off during the “… and the rocket’s red glare”, which was great. But there was more fireworks to be presented during the afternoon.

The game itself was just as frustrating as any other game in the past week, for Rockies fans. Tulo’s triple as well as Helton’s sac fly was the first run to be scored. But the 3rd inning sealed the fate for Chacin as Ian Stewart fumbled the ball (re: score an error). The next 5 runs to score were heartbreaking as Chacin looked unstable at this point. I think he might have been pulling a Franklin Morales moment. :( One run was walked in, and 4 on a grand slam hurt. Jhoulys Chacin would end up working 5 innings, and see 7 runs cross the plate (2 unearned due to errors)

The Rockies once again were trying to claw their way out of the abyss created by their errors. Besides the Stewart error above, Olivo tossed one trying to nab a base runner stealing 2nd. Without these 2 errors, the Rockies could have easily won the game, as they climbed up to 6 by the 9th.

The bullpen came in to relieve Chacin starting in the 6th. Altogether, they accounted for 2 hits and 1 walk, but no runs. Franklin Morales came in the 6th, and while there’s still nervousness when he’s announced, was the best of the bullpen with 1 inning, and 1 K, and an assist. I think he must realize that his time is running out on the Rockies roster and is giving his better stuff now. Matt Daley made his appearance in the 9th, and apart from his walk, he was great.

Almost no one in the crowd left during the game. In fact, in the bottom of the 9th, with one out, our section and 2 others to my left were standing up when Tulo came to bat, and remained standing until the end of the game. Despite Seth Smith (pinch hitting for Daley) getting a force out, he got the closest at 7-6. Miguel Olivo unfortunately lined it straight to the shortstop, which ended the game.

After the game, the Rockies came out with bags and began to toss everything into the crowd. Almost all of this was promo items from the year, but fans were happy to get anything. Fireworks also lit up behind the scoreboard. It was a fitting end to the end of the season. Still sad there will be no more home games until April. But here’s to a great 2011 season


Fan appreciation day fireworks. You can see players on the field tossing stuff to pavilion seats

Here are other pictures as seen in today’s game:

Beimel and Reynolds throwing

Here we go, start the autographing

KSM Memorial

The memorial for Keli McGregor (revealed on Tuesday)

Princess brigade

Holding hands and wearing Cinderella backpacks.


Dinger taking autographs

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