Lack of updates and a start of a new year

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Sorry for the lack of my updates. At the beginning of October, I lost my main internet connection. The only internet I had during this time was via my iPhone (Thank you AT&T) or to drag my huge gozilla-like laptop to wifi spots. Don’t get me wrong: my laptop is a great godsend, and it’s really cool. But an 18.4″ screen makes it next to impossible to find a case for it, and it’s my baby, after all. So, while I was trying to rebuild my life, I was limited on what I could do.

Consequentially, this was the same time that the rest of Colorado sports teams went down the tubes. The Denver Broncos were the biggest joke of the year, as they crashed.  They even took a cue from the University of Colorado by firing their head coach mid season. It still couldn’t save what little dignity the team had if any. CU and CSU also had dismal football seasons, which resulted in seeing a lot of blowout games. Yeah, CU fired their coach midseason, and then rebounded slightly. But regardless, if you were a football fan, you just wanted spring to show up. I think the only saving grace might have been AFA, coming out of the Springs with a 9-4 record. Unfortunately, the coverage received outside of the southeast corner is token compared to the other teams.

The same could be said for the other major teams. Denver Nuggets had a terrible start with their superstar Carmelo Anthony, through his agent, voiced a desire to move and with one year left on his contract. The sport I follow the least in the area, you can be certain that he alienated the local fans. The saga is still unfolding as it reminds me a lot like Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold” song. I give up with him. The team has also been suffering as of late.

On thin ice: Maybe you can say the same for the Avalanche. Having lost the last 6 games in a row, often to sloppy performance is not helping an already-low support from their fans. The games aren’t anywhere near 50% sold out, which is a shame compared to the pre-lockout Avalanche team. Also, Peter Forsberg, an icon of the 1995-2002 days of the Burgundy… he decided to return to the team. When I first heard it, I said “Enough. Let him retire.” Others gave him more praise. In his first game, it still was not enough for the Avalanche to pull out a win, however. The team seems to be just as doomed as it was without Forsberg.

On the flipside, The Colorado Eagles, or the northern little cousins, are having a spectacular season, only 2nd in their division. They have continued to sell out games thanks in part to the rather ease of access of the their facility.

But if you had to count success on a major level, we have to talk about the Rockies, who are trying to capitalize at the expense of other local teams. However, instead of slapping the Bronco fans silly, they are trying to break the reputation for being a cheap team. This was accomplished with the resigning of 3 key players. Two of these signings were criticized in many national media sources as pointless. But the dedicated Rockies fans, and even some on the bandwagon, were happy and pointed out the necessities for these transactions. Troy Tulowitzki was one of the first to be given a 7 year extension, keeping him on the team for the rest of the decade. Yeah, that’s right… 2020. This was a domino effect that would bring back Jorge De La Rosa, one many fans gave up with at the end of the season for being resigned.  And Carlos Gonzales was signed a 7 year deal, was a victory as sweet as winning the World Series. For in his case, his agent, Scott Boras, is a notoriety in Major League Baseball for being as friendly as having a hangnail growing on your thumb. CarGo was already under team control through 2014, so essentially, a contract wasn’t needed. But to maintain the security of the core nucleus of the Rockies team, a longer contract was sought. CarGo surprised even his own agent, let alone the fans when he accepted the deal. These deals helped boost morale for its fans, who had in general nothing to look forward to.

As of this writing, pitchers and catchers report on February 14th. And the first game is on February 22nd. That is 2 and 10 days, respectively. So, let’s “Play Ball”, and open the season with a great bang.  And let my blog continue…

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