Never say die

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For the past 2.5 weeks, the Rockies looked miserable. The offense was nearly non-existent. The bullpen blew 2 key games in Arizona. They got swept by the Giants. Ian Stewart can’t hit a fly ball. And Ubaldo is lost, as if he has amnesia. This resulted in their first place lead being lost to the Giants. And in fact, the Rockies were beginning to have an identity crisis. Who were they anyway?

A true fan is dedicated to his team, win or lose. If you ever see the movie, Fever Pitch, you’ll see a hardcore Red Sox fan dedicated to his game that he almost gave up love for it. Now while he went to the other extreme, he had some right ideas in being dedicated to his team, win or lose. Winning 162 games in a 162 game season is virtually impossible, and highly scrutinized if it ever did. But the same can be said for a sudden loss of life to your team. Many fans were tossing ideas around about how to “fix” the team.

And somehow, there was a change or two. The biggest change: the offense finally showed up. In the first inning alone, all 9 men made it to the plate. Unlike in prior games, the offense did not die in the 1st inning. They scored in virtually every inning. Granted, the Padres tried to counter, but could not come closer than 2 runs down. The final score was 12-7. (and the final Rockies run was a gimme, thanks to a balk.) But this proves that the Rockies took their frustrations out of lost chances earlier this year and capitalized on any opportunity possible. Though this is one game, I hope this is a trend, and not an exception.

A couple notes to add: Ian Stewart is back in AAA-Springs for only his second time this year. This is a shame, considering that thanks to Drew Litton, I made the proper caption for this week’s contest. It is rumored that the brass wanted him to stay longer, but due to Ty Wigginton getting hurt, he was pulled up temporarily. The other concern is Ubaldo Jimenez, who seems to be totally lost. Some fans have suggested optioning him, or moving him to long relief. To me, this is the worst idea possible. It is given that he is struggling, and yeah, the injury he sustained didn’t help. But he is still a good pitcher. To remove him from the starting role sends a message to Ubaldo, to Rockies fans, and to the entire MLB that he sucks. Maybe he does now. But moving him is like dropping an A-bomb right on Coors Field. Please be patient, and let him work it out. And please encourage him, rather than boo him. He needs confidence, not hate. It is hard to say that… but I hope we can try.

The baseball season is nearly a quarter of the way. But if the 2007 Rockies needed 22 games to make it to the World Series, what’s to say that the 2011 Rockies can use more than that to win it all? You don’t need to have Giants or Phillies toilet paper, but at least show some support.

FYI, Saturday’s Rockies game is a 1:10pm start–thank you FOX. :(

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