The highs and lows of baseball

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I have to admit, it’s been hard to blog about the Rockies lately. Despite starting April in a “can’t lose” situation, the past few weeks has not been the case. They got swept in San Francisco against the Giants, which hurt. Also lost a couple key one-run games in Arizona when they were winning. And the cause of the problem, apart from one glaring factor, is unknown. Why did the Rockies regress back to their 2010 self? Why is Ian Stewart’s average below .070 and falling rapidly with each at bat? Why do our starting pitchers which look spectacular early on, but are now struggling to get people out? Why are we seeing the olde RISP problem creep in again? And where are the %*(#)$&@ hits… from everyone, top to bottom? (Ok, Helton and Netta seem to get a bye here, they’re producing good).

Even when things look so grim, there is always something to say for this: Baseball is 162 games long. If you lose a game, there’s no time to moping over the loss. Brush it off, and play better the next day. But play as natural as you can. Don’t try to put pressure on yourself… or work too hard to get a hit. And don’t be like Troy Tulowitzki when you see a fly ball caught and throw your helmet all over the place. (Seriously, dude. It makes you look like a 2 year old on the field. Save it for the dugout, or even better: clubhouse.)

For us as fans trying to make sense of a stretch of struggling times, I suggest this advice: take a friend to the game. Or even better, get on Twitter or Facebook, and meet people there. Beer is also a good thing, but not necessarily required. For me, I’ve met more people at Coors Field than at any other venue alone. It seems like I’ve met a new person each game, and I’ve always enjoyed it.

Unlike some sports that are facing possible work stoppages like the NFL, baseball is alive and active. Live for the day… you have 162 of them to show yourself either as a fan or player.

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