Throwing a change up

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Thank you for reading my blog–also known as sports. The original name was chosen because I wanted to focus on a sports blog, but I wanted to focus on topics that don’t directly involve stats or recaps. the is my domain, But I feel like I am going to change this blog a bit.

As of January 1st, this blog will have a new look and name to it. It will also have a closer dedication to baseball. But it will have a familiar writing style. Now while I am shifting my focus towards a baseball and Rockies blog, the spirit of my posts will not change much.

Let me tell you what is not changing in my posts. First, I will continue the theme of not providing game recaps. I will also not be heavy on stats, or discuss on fantasy action. There are plenty of blogs out there dedicated on these things. I will also not promote heavily on social networks of players, broadcasters, or industry-related things, though I will maintain a page for this. Also, my writing style should not change much.

Yet, what is changing? The blog will be called Rox Blox, as I focus to become more of a Rockies blog first, baseball second. Also, the frequency of my posts will be on a once or twice a week, on a consistent basis. This will be less focus on other sports unless it becomes breaking news, or during the offseason. Having a consistent schedule will make it easier to publish content and have more people read it. The content will be organized, as I will explain next.

For each Rox Blox post, I will post baseball content on Mondays starting January 1st. During the season, I should also be posting on Thursdays, as a preview for the weekend. During the offseason, the Thursday posts will be dedicated to other sports such as hockey, football, or in general. If there is a post on any other day, it will be dedicated to breaking news only. Other than breaking news, my posts will be organized into 2 or 3 topics. These topics include:

  • ʞaught looking. This will be dedicated to general negative action or inaction caused by a player or team to produce negative results. The backwards ‘k’ is a strikeout caught looking, and also my favorite character. I claim trademarkā„¢ on it. :)
  • Grand Slam. A positive action by a player or team that deserves attention. A grand slam in baseball is a home run with bases loaded. :)
  • From the clubhouse. This may be my main topic, as this is what goes on from the Rockies, but off the field.
  • #umpfail. A twitter tag stolen to dedicate topics involving rules, and problems officiating, or umpiring in games.
  • Whose house? Our House! I dedicate topics under this heading for fan action with games. I stole this from the Colorado Eagles cheers as fans always cheer this late in games when we are winning (or close to tying).*
  • Under further review. The instant replay of action going on in the week (in general).
  • Up on deck. I take a look at action to be previewed over the next few days or week.
  • On page 2. This is my general off-baseball topics. **
  • I look forward to spending 2012 with you talking about baseball. And if you have not done so already, feel free to add me on twitter (@druidlove)

    * I had originally thought of using “Need more cowbell”, but this is purely an Eagles thing, and not seen at Rockies games.
    ** I was going to use “On Channel 4″ to change to topic, but that made no sense. As books and newspapers are going out of style, I had to used a good metaphor to change topics.

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