Changing your favorite sport?

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A light week, not a lot to report, so I’m going to suggest something I heard last week from one of my podcasts… let me get to it!

Whose House? Our House!
One thing I had heard was “What would you change in baseball if anything?” Many suggestions came up, and I’ll bring a few to light. I won’t cover the controversial DH rule, since it’s a polarizing issue, and I already covered it on Thursday.

1. Contract the number of teams and/or games. No thanks to either. If anything, I’d have to endorse expanding to 32 teams, just so we can get rid of the interleague issue next year. As to the games, we all agree that having the World Series go into November is ridiculous, contracting the games is not a solution. I heard a ridiculous plan for having days off on a couple days a week, which is stupid. Also there’s July and August, when baseball is virtually the only sport played. It makes sense that having a game daily is in the best interest for the sport.

2. More instant replay. Yes! but not to the point where we’re disputing balls and strikes. When we do that, it takes up too much time. But for close calls, borderline fair/foul calls, trapped balls, etc, we now have the technology to do it efficiently. The current limited instant replay is a success, since it takes about 1 minute max. Replay is going to be expanded to certain calls, and I feel close encounters at the plate should be included.

3. More umpire accountability. HELL YEAH! Should I make that in 100 point red font? Seriously, there needs to be more visible actions for some of the ridiculous things certain umpire actions. For example, we don’t need to see Joe West going to the dugout goading players just to get them ejected. A good rule is that if you know the umpire’s name, he’s probably doing a bad job (and probably shouldn’t deserve to stay in the sport).

4. TV broadcasting the postseason. Yeah, the TV schedule doesn’t make sense. Most of the times, there is a huge east coast bias whereas the other teams have game times at ridiculous start times (like early in the day on the weekdays or start late night on weekdays.) Sometimes it’s hard to avoid it, but there could be other ways to do scheduling (especially when you can minimize days off, or other “harder” constraints currently in the schedule.)

A couple minor things include the draft, and the active roster especially in September. I have no opinion on either, which shows how great it is. But maybe the latter has somewhat of an impact, given that 40 men in September since it helps only those fighting for a spot in postseason. Those already locked in, and those already eliminated could use it for fringe players to get more play time. I heard about locking a 25-man play roster, this may be a good thing.

So what would you change, if anything in baseball?

This post not brought to you by anyone in particular today

Under further review
Not a whole lot of news to bring up, but Yu Darvish signed with Texas and Prince Fielder broke news by signing with Detroit.

Sliding home
I’d add this from Krizia (@kriztweetsalot) but her tweets are protected. But she tweeted out a line from a great baseball movie:

anyone ever tell you that you look like a penis with a little hat on?”

Ah, love A League of Their Own :)

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1 response to Changing your favorite sport?

  1. nt_eagle

    Expansion? LMFAO Yeah, like Starting Pitching hasn’t been diluted enough since the last two Expansions in ’93 and ’98! Wait, you weren’t even a dream back when there were Twenty Teams, and NO Divisions in Major League Baseball.
    Umpires. Seriously, have you ever umpired for a year in Youth Baseball? Doubtful, Babbitt. You complain enough about when will it be 6 am, so I KNOW you couldn’t handle the rigors of travelling from City-to-City like MLB Umpires do! Let alone, the heckling they take daily from Fans.
    Post Season Television. If you want to complain about it, don’t watch it. You could only do something about it if you had the Money. And, very few have enough Money to do that.
    And finally, much appreciated for ‘allowing’ my last Post. I mean, you want responses/replies to your Blog, but yet announced to the Twitterverse that you let one “OT Comment slide”, when you’ve only had like SIX total Comments on this Blog in about a year! Puh-lease.
    So, are you taking any Prescription Medications? LMAO