Survivor- Rockies style

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Wow, it’s the first week of January, and we have something to talk about with the Rockies. Granted, it’s not new news, but enough of a topic to allow me my usual Monday/Thursday format.

From the Clubhouse

After a dismal 2011, everyone knew that there should be some changes. So, Dan O’Dowd started a game called “Survivor of the Rockies”. But he put in some rules: He would not eliminate the old “senior citizens” (Helton, Giambi), his superstars (Tulo and CarGo), and his potential stars (Fowler, Chacin, Pomeranz and JDLR.) Those players not listed were not given immunity, and can be voted off at will. But, unlike the TV show, the island could accept new people when the outcasts were voted off.

Despite the fans demanding that Ian Stewart be the first to go, O’Dowd chose Wiggington. The fans rejoiced. The next to go was Iannetta, which caused a deep rift in the audience. But the remaining Rockies talked Ramon Hernandez to join the island. Huston, we have a problem: You’re fired… to the Angels. Ryan Spilborghs was given the finger to be released, and he left, but kept pleading to do anything to return. We have yet to see if O’Dowd will change his mind. And then O’Dowd, the mighty Lord, finally listened to the fans and the Almighty Cubs and had a dinghy ready for Ian Stewart, only to be returned with Colvert and LeMahieu with help from Google to get the correct spelling. (I hope you got the sarcasm in the last sentence.) Since there was still a gap opening, a nice man named Michael Cuddyer asked to join the fold, and was given a cruise boat to dock on the island by the ever-gracious O’Dowd and Charlie Monfort.

And now, the moment we have been waiting for. O’Dowd has his hand in the pot, ready to draw the next name. Rumor has it that it will be Seth Smith. But O’Dowd looks into his crystal ball, and sees a fog. He tries the telephone, but the line is down. He then goes to his crackberry, only to find it has been cracked, and he cannot read his screen very well. He squints to read what he can… To be continued.

So this is a funny story about how the Rockies have looked like during this offseason. But really, what will our team look like at Spring Training, let alone April 1st, when the regular season is finally under way? Some of the changes I do like. I do feel that Michael Cuddyer will be a great addition to the Rockies. Much better than Beltran, who I have compared to as a used condom. Sure, he might get the job done if he doesn’t break–but I feel that Cuddyer would make a better fit, and he doesn’t feel icky. I read the fan mail in the Denver Post for Cuddyer, and he’s a positive all-round character. Other deals I was not too happy, like when we sent Netta off. Netta was my all-time favorite Rox. I did felt that I could identify with him a lot better than, let’s say Tulo (when he acts like a tantrum-throwing 2 year old on the bases.) I was really upset when Iannetta was traded. But I remember holding hope that it was not wasted, and that we’d get Ramon Hernandez. Sure enough, less than 90 minutes later, it was announced on Twitter, and I was relieved quite a bit. It didn’t nullify the hurt, but it comforted me enough to know it was not a waste.

Now, everyone’s keeping an eye on Seth Smith. We know he’s probably going to see a better team, but it’s like looking at the top cards off the deck to see if the replacement will be that Ace of Spades to complete our Royal Flush. And so far, all we’ve been getting is garbage in response. It’s not too hard to find the news: From Troy Renck (Denver Post) or Ken Rosenthal.

We know there are a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle missing from the 2012 Rockies puzzle, and I’m sure they will be fulfilled. The question is, will the picture, when complete, be a picturesque view of the World Series trophy, or just the pitcher’s mound? And do you agree with the changes?

Today’s blog post is brought to you thanks to @RockiesReview @gorox1983

On page 2

While there is little action in baseball, there was plenty of action in other sports not involving a bat. The Denver Broncos, somehow made the playoffs, despite losing their last 3 games, and going .500 (that’s 8-8) on the season. And they only made it in due to some complicated formula. They won’t win next week, but I sure like what KOA has done as a parody of the Bud Light commercial for the Broncos. (Warning, please pull your speakers up to hear this!)

I hear that the Nuggets are going good, despite the short start to their season, and more than one blowout game. Congrats!

And in hockey, the other sport that I care about until late February (when Spring Training starts), the Avalanche are on a roller coaster ride trying to get into a playoff position. Season is still quite early, and the difference between 5th and 10th or so is only a handful of points. The Colorado Eagles, on the other hand, are fighting for 1st in the ECHL West, though they didn’t do too well in Alaska. Losing all 3 games, including the final one in a shootout (after pulling an early lead) was a disappointment. I hope they can break the curse as they come home. Despite the short bench through most of December, they’ve been doing quite well apart from Alaska.

Final tweet: This came in from a friend of a friend: This tweet from @IndyFan18Always who shared to me and @CariSports:

@druidlove @CariSports Haha. Wings/Avs games aren’t what they once were. Think I’ll watch McCarty fight on Youtube and reminisce.

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1 response to Survivor- Rockies style

  1. I like the Survivor analogy. Funny…and ironically close to the truth. Good job!