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For Rockies fans: Tomorrow’s game is once again being broadcasted online via and (not on the radio or via This is a free online service. You may hear the Rockies/Royals game online at 1pm MST.

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I think I’d begin with Ubaldo Jimenez. After reading article from SBNation about the background behind why Jimenez was traded. It references the @TracyRingolsby article on Fox Sadly, as a Rockies fan, I feel kind of jipped here.

If you lay in the background, the Rockies have been burned bad with high contracts on pitchers that just never panned out. So they decided to wait on giving Ubaldo an extension. Besides, he was still under team control until 2014. But Ubaldo got jealous that his (then) teammates Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez got longer term contracts.

Tulo is considered the next franchise player after Todd Helton. So it would be natural that the Rox want to keep him long term. Carlos Gonzalez is also a key player. Since he has Scott Boras as his agent, (and I shudder at the word “Boras”), locking him up early is a good thing. Ubaldo, who had came off of an excellent first half, but fatigued through the 2nd half, probably due to abuse of innings, was also a priority. But since the team had him under control for a while, they wanted to see if he can perform another good season before extending his contract. And that’s fair.

Unfortunately, he didn’t think it was fair at all. He got selfish, and wanted to be traded. But he hid a lot of it, and his performance suffered. I wouldn’t say he sabotaged the team, or even himself, though he got on the DL, and once he got back, he wasn’t back to himself. And on July 30, when he had been traded, he got his final 2 innings. Fans thought that O’Dowd betrayed us and sent Jimenez away in a sign of dismantling the team.

But had it not been for Tracy Ringolsby, we would have never really learned the truth. It does remind me that as fans, we really do not know the players, no matter how much we see them on the field. And the side that was told kind of disgusted me. Someone who would be jealous that he took interest in himself instead of the team or situation. And the Rockies GM had his opinion of the fans turned around (a bit).

Ubaldo did take a European trip over the offseason, and wasn’t quite in great shape when he reported to ST last year. But Mark thinks that this was highly overblown. But the way the Rockies front office handled Ubaldo and the trade actually made O’Dowd look better–and we know he needs all the positive publicity for his job’s sake. Unfortunately, since this story came out, it put Jimenez into a black spot as remarked by Ashlee. But for his own sake, he better hope he can regain his fastball and his control, or else his career goes into decline fast.

As for the players we got for the Ubaldo trade, both Drew Pomeranz and Alex White have seen some encounters with the law. Pomeranz was dismissed, but White is still ongoing with a possible “extreme DUI” charge in AZ. On the field, Pomeranz seems to have a spot on the rotation (if his performance proves it.) Ironically, Drew Pomeranz was the desired player by the Rockies.

Thanks to @Townie813, @Ms_APayne, @edwscott for collaboration in today’s article.

Under Further Review
Over the past week, the Rockies have gotten their first (and only) win on Monday with a walk-off home run vs. the Dbacks. They lost Tuesday and Wednesday at the Cubs and SF. and today’s 5-0 loss at home vs. Kansas City. But it’s all Spring Training: an audition to see who will be starting in April.

I’m still having problems with At Bat in that I cannot listen to games on my iphone. I’ll keep you updated when they have a fix.

The next game is tomorrow and it’s online streaming only at 1:00pm MST. And remember that Daylight savings goes in effect this weekend if you do not live in Arizona. Have a great weekend

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