Early Rockies hits and misses

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Some people don’t care about Spring Training. After all, while they keep records and stats for these games, they don’t count once April comes around. However, if you’re a Rockies fan, these games should matter most of all. With all the turnover caused by Dan O’Dowd since August when Ubaldo Jimenez was traded, there have never been so many question marks as to who will be on the roster, where they will be playing, and even if this team is a contender.

Granted, this has happened twice before in the Rockies history. The first time was in 1993, the year the team was created. The other time was 2004, also known as “Generation R”. But each of these years, the expectation was not to come up with a winning season. This year may be the same, though for O’Dowd’s sake, he hopes to get a successful year to save his and Tracy’s jobs.

In the offseason, we got a bunch of pitchers. We got several future potentials. We traded a bunch of dead weight (like Ian Stewart) and even acquired some notable names like Michael Cuddyer and Marco Scutaro. But apart from these names, very few players have a set spot in the roster and/or lineup/rotation.

So while this is looked upon as “audition time”, I think some people forgot this message. Some notable misses: Chris Nelson and Esmil Rogers aren’t looking hot. In Rogers’ case, he has everything to fight, since he is out of options, and carrying dead weight to the bullpen makes no sense. We know that Ramon Hernandez is catching, but who is backup? Is it Rosario, who may be better starting in AAA-Sky Sox? or is it Jordan Pacheco, who may be a super utility instead? or Wil Nieves? And who is taking 3rd base?

Lots of questions, but this should be an interesting Rockies season for fans, once the bugs are all fixed.

Thanks in part to many tweeps, but I’ll credit @gorox1983, @RockiesReview and @Capitulate for today’s post.

Up on deck
I have the complete Spring Training streaming schedule in case you want to know when the next streaming game is. The next one is Monday. :)

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