Spring Training 2012

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I’ve been real busy last week so i missed blogging. But I’ve been listening to Rockies games (when I can, thanks to the ongoing At Bat issues). But I have to admit, I’m ready for baseball to start. I’m also liking what is going on with the Rockies, despite some questions still exist. In fact, I’m going to say we had a good spring training. It was better than last year. I’m going to list why this year is better than last year, and why the Rockies may be a hidden contender:

1. No bloop injuries. Unlike last year where we had the Bermuda Triangle on the first game with Fowler, Stewart and Tulowitzki in shallow left field, this year there was nothing that obscure that caused some worry.

2. No hidden grudges or attitudes. Unlike Ubaldo, holding his grudge for the entire 2011 season, it sounds like the clubhouse is very open. In fact, there’s old and new in the mix, the right amount of mix. Unlike Ian Stewart, who alienated many fans on twitter with his “I’m holier than thou” attitude, the rest of the players seem to have a great spirit. Yeah, that includes Michael Cuddyer (@mcuddy3).

3. Nothing to lose. In fact, everyone, apart from the usual core players, has a lot to fight for a position. Stars like Tulowitzki and Gonzalez are guaranteed, but Blackmon and Pacheco got to show their victorious effort. Meanwhile, Chris Nelson and Esmil Rogers had to prove they are worth that they are worthy of staying, since they are out of options. No free rides allowed.

The game I heard on March 17th was one of the best spring training games i heard (so far), in that I felt the team was developing, and some players I have been keeping an eye on. I’m going to list a few of them:
* Jordan Pacheco- I am really hoping he becomes backup catcher to Ramon Hernandez. But I think he should be a lock in the roster, no matter if he’s catcher, or super utility
* Charlie Blackmon- As for the 4th outfielder, I believe there is little doubt he will be making it, and to show that 2011 was a freak injury ala Tulo his first year.
* Juan Nicasio- Nothing says “Comeback player of the year” like him, should he pitch. From a broken neck, near death, to fighting back and ready half a year later! Sort of like the Manning issue that I will refuse to mention in Denver. (and please grow up Tebow fans.)
* Jamie Moyer- I’m really hoping he makes the roster for 2 reasons. First, I think he has been performing well, about as great as Pomeranz in a way. And Drew Pomeranz was a great deal for he Rockies. The other reason is to shut up the naysayers, and the east coast bias.

Baseball starts next week, and the home opener is April 11th. I shall return to tweeting during games with @druidlove except when I’m at work. Play Ball!

Up on deck
I’m going to make a special post this week (probably Wednesday) about the tech apps you must have, and then I’ll blog Thursday on the game. What I will not blog is about the Broncos debacle that still ruins the focus from the Colorado Eagles, Avalanche, and Nuggets and Rockies.

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