Why you should like Moyer over Tebow

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Whose House? Our House

There are some people who may appear to be the nicest people in the world, but betray you when you least expect it. Then there are people who appear to be very shady, but are deep inside the nicest people if you give them the time of day. And then there are people who are dedicated till the day they are physically incapable of doing the job they desire.

It does sound a lot like I could be writing this on my livejournal. In fact, it is actually triggered because of all the coverage around Jamie Moyer. He isn’t exactly the Tim Tebow of baseball, particularly because he’s at the opposite age spectrum as Tebow. But, let me compare the two. Here’s how the two are similar:

First of all, both have played for teams in Denver at one point. Tebow was on the Broncos up until recently when he was traded. Jamie Moyer is on the Colorado Rockies this year. They both have control of their game based on their style of play. In Tebow’s case, he had plays adapted for his style of running game. Moyer, on the other hand, uses pitching motion rather than speed. They are both modest, thinking of the team first rather than themselves. And finally, they have both received more than a fair share’s attention of the media. Neither one desired it, but they are both special cases.

Now, where they differ is significant. Tebow was given a job. Yeah, he was drafted in. But when Kyle Orton was terrible last year, the fans demanded Tebow. Moyer, on the other hand, legitimately earned his position. Coming out of Spring Training, he showed he was not only better from his TJ surgery, he had one of the best performance of all the pitchers. Tebow was considered a work in progress. While Moyer seemed to be on the decline with the fastball, he proved he had mastered the skills to fool batters. Tebow is young. Moyer may be old, but he still has youth within himself. Tebow never started a season as the main player (yet). Moyer has already. And finally, Tebow brought a team to 8-8. It’s too early to tell with Moyer (1-2 record), but his two (nearly 3) losses were due mostly to failures with the defense.

I got so sick of listening about Tebow around here, that I was ready to throw my radio at the Clear Channel studios in DTC because that was all you’d hear coming on the airwaves. It was like everyone and their best friend’s dog was talking about him as if he is God. I’m actually glad he is gone, if only to clear the waves for the other 3 sports (including Rockies). I do wish him well in New York, but let’s just leave it at that.

But when it comes to Moyer, I’ve heard plenty of people describe him in ways that make me embarrassed and a bit upset, actually. To be honest, he’s the best pitcher on our team as I’ll provide quotes later on. Some people have made jokes about him being too old to play. That sounds almost as discriminating as saying that all Mexicans are illegal, or that blacks are dirty, or Californians are ruining Colorado. Don’t! There is something called “showing respect”. And even Moyer believes that if he doesn’t have a good season, he knows when to hang up his glove. His two losses were due mostly in fact to the team behind him could not play defense or offense long enough to help him out. In fact, Tulo almost ruined it as well on the night he did earn the win with his 2 error night. But remember that in baseball, 1 person can ruin it, but all 9 players must also show their effort to hit the ball.

I’m actually glad he’s gotten some media attention in the positive way. But if I see people giving him a hard time because of his age, I may be slapping the #ubaldouche tag as a reminder to wake up and give the guy a chance.

* The #ubaldouche tag refers to Ubaldo Jimenez, our pitcher who, while had a good first half of 2010, underperformed in 2011 because he betrayed the team. He’s also the first guy I was thinking of in my introduction.

Under further review

The Rockies ended up winning their 2nd series this week against the San Diego Padres. Moyer did get his first win, and subsequently is getting calls from everyone, including Cooperstown. The latter involves a donation of cap and glove, which will be donated soon. Wednesday, they won 8-4, again leading to another Taco day today.

Incidently, when the Rockies have scored 5 or more runs, they are 6-0. When they have scored less than 5 runs, their record is 0-6. That makes them 6-6, or an even .500. I could go all Purple Row on you and pull up sabermetrics, but I guess the moral of the story is that when the Rockies score runs, we win, right? I’ll take that bet in Vegas. :)

Up on deck

The Rockies have the day off as they are traveling to Milwaukee this weekend, and then to Pittsburgh to start next week. I should have a blog before Monday’s 5:05pm start time. But do enjoy your tacos today between 4 and 6pm to celebrate another win, and Moyer’s win.

Sliding home

Plenty of Moyer quotes to pull up, but I think this one tweeted by Andrew Fisher (@PoseidonsFist) says it best:

“Baseball is my life. It’s pretty much all I know.” – Jamie Moyer, choking up a bit after the game.

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