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ʞaught looking

I had another blog post ready, but I’ll postpone it to another day. But today is supposed to be a great day. I managed to get tickets to today’s Rockies game. Our home opener. I have never been to an opening day game before. And in Club Level? (for those asking, I got a deal at half price.) I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

And yet, today was… in a word, frustrating. Remember my experience when I had problems with At Bat this spring? Yeah, that’s how I felt today. It’s weird, but it was the case.

If I want to summarize it, I start with yesterday, the morning I got the tickets. I made a wasteful trip to the Mills to find everyone including Best Buy (with the flashing Open sign) closed and locked. I was not prepared to go to a game without my scorebook and battery (thinking Wednesday was my first game, I’d have time.) Yeah, I did get it this morning, at the cost of losing an hour of sleep. But hey, I figured it’s worth it for opening day. I’m ready to go. I biked/used light rail to get to the game since I know it’s going to be packed. The weather is fair to partly cloudy, about 65°F, so it’s a bit nippy with shorts and sitting in the shade. But the purple, the Coors Field smile, and beckon me to enter my old home. Rally towels and magnets cling to me as I walk up the stairs. The balls fly over me as batting practice drives above my heads. And to me, the pregame activities both inside and outside the ballpark were one of the most heartwarming experiences.

Yet, I’d get my first sign of the jitters even before the 1st pitch was thrown. I sat in the Club level, which are really nice seats. Even the concession stands are different than in normal sections. But when I went to get my drink at the concession stands around me, their fountain taps weren’t working. They were broken by opening pitch, so I had to order the drink from my seat instead. :( But I guess the team was just like my drink experience. They showed promise of something coming out of the tap, and yet, it wasn’t happening. Already down 2-0 before the Rockies came to the plate, they sputtered or didn’t produce offensively. I couldn’t even think of a single highlight for the Rockies. Oh, I could come up with the top of the 2nd where Chacin was throwing more balls than strikes. And there was the incident at the bottom of the 4th where a woman below us got struck by a foul ball liner that stopped the game for a bit. And there were the 2 costly errors by Carlos Gonzalez (dropping ball) and Tulowitzki throwing error that put the game out of reach. And there was the one lady in front of me at the bottom of the 7th who wouldn’t sit down. (SHEESH, at least sit down unless there’s a good play happening! Respect please?) But I couldn’t think of any Rockies threat on the base paths. And that’s a real bummer. I think that even after the game ended, the sad news traveled downtown to the light rail car getting in an accident at 19th/Stout. But that’s unrelated.

I’ve seen many comments about this game, from terrible 1st date to being raped and robbed. I can tell you I was not pleased. I felt like it was a bit like watching a Disney cartoon (Hell, Mickey was there, as part of the new Rockies hall of history opening in Club Level this year. You should check it out. Apologies for the next pic, my camera app wasn’t working quite right, and I took a screenshot instead.)

I’m going to give the whole month to see if the Rockies can get to .500. Starting 1-3 is not a good start. I believe this team can do it, but I’m not confident in the management. So ask me April 30 if I have started my #FireTracy and #FireODowd petitions.

On Page 2

I reviewed the K-Force Lite app last week. I actually tried it at the game and it worked like a charm. Of course, I had my scorebook as well, but for the most part, I found the app great. I did have a couple times the pitchers were going too fast to score some complicated problems. But that’s why I had the scorebook as a backup. :) Between the two, I got both book and app sync’d. As a related note, the couple next to me, a retired couple who is highly baseball fans, were really nice. I even showed him the app, and I saw him scoring both on paper and with the app. :) Now that I also have a backup battery, I’m sure I’ll have better opportunities to score with it.

Next game is Wednesday night 6:40pm start time. I’m looking forward to it. Assuming that the Real Rockies show up and do more positive hit production and lay off the Butterfingers®

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