The proper start

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Grand Slam

This is the start that should have been on Monday. There’s no doubt in our minds that Monday stunk worse than Greeley. So, I declare it a mulligan day. What, we have to count all 162 games? Okay, I’ll just ignore it for now.

Yes, I did go to this game. This was supposed to be my first game, had I not gotten tickets to Monday’s game at the last minute. And this time, it felt like a charm. I was (sorta) well rested, and (sorta) prepared for it. The weather was (sorta) ready for the game. But the Rockies were fully ready to come out of the game determined to be on the top. And boy, was it reversed compared to that… oh I’m not thinking, nor am I listening. (puts Q-tips in ears) Yes I’m a brat.

Highlight of the game

There are a lot of them. Despite not having any home runs by the Rockies, they proved that they can actually hit and score without them. I’ll leave my highlight to Ramon Hernandez in the 5th. He got a routine RBI single to right, but Cuddyer got stuck in a rundown between 3rd and home, which enabled Hernadez to run his way to 3rd. Cuddyer became safe at home, so you can score another RBI for that.

Now there were other highlights, and I could add any ball that went between Melky Cabrera and Angel Pagan in left center field. The Rox hit that gap at least 3 times, 2 of them were back-to-back. Melky finally realized he might want to stand a bit more to his right. But he didn’t last longer than the end of that inning, being lifted by Theriot. (Yeah, I was sitting in the LF pavilion). Then there was the 11-batter 5th, where we put up 7 runs. And, oh yeah, Tim Lincecum was gone after a touch after 2 innings. Except for the 6th and 7th (and 9th which was not needed), the Rockies scored in every inning.

Schmuck moment

The schmuck moment is courtesy of the 6th inning. See, the 5th was too long, that the fans got drunk and did the wave in the 6th. WHY? THERE’S NO ROOM FOR THE WAVE AT A BASEBALL GAME! Okay, rant is over. But the later the game went, the more drunk the fans became–even yelling schmuck comments at Cabrera, CarGo, and Theriot. Yeah, you got that right: our own player was involved when he was in the field. Schmuck.

The runner up goes to the 4th inning where Jeremy Guthrie, who was decent till this point, gave up a pair of back-to-back homers to start the inning. He would end up being replaced shortly after that, giving only a 3.1 inning start. Normally not a great sign, at least he was off the hook for win/loss record.

Absurd moment

Tyler Chatwood, a pitcher I feared when he came out in the top of the 7th, settled down after his initial home run. But the absurd moment was not during the game, but after the game ended: he got a save. It’s an obscure rule that grants pitchers with a save if they pitch for the last 2 consecutive innings. Okay, he had 3, but there was nothing for him to save with an 8-9 run lead. This is why the save rule is meaningless.

Final notes

Yes, this is the first Tacos game, and it was earned in the 4th inning. That’s right, CarGo has your tacos! (4 tacos for $2 between 4-6pm today.) Too bad we can’t sweeten the deal since we ended up with 17 runs.

The weather had part of a role before the game, causing batting practice to stop early with rain and lightning threats. It also had a brief downpour during the top of the 5th inning. And then again about 45 minutes after the game. (But by that time, I was on my way home.) In each case, you have to remember the Colorado Mantra: “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.”

Speaking of weather, when the rain comes down, I’ve had to stop scoring and enjoy the game. Not this year. Even when the rain came down, I did close my book and put it away. But I kept scoring with the K-force lite app. It’s a great app. Though with the game, I have to fix a few mistakes that I might have caught with my book. And one of the Fielder’s Choice plays was hard to fix, though I got that corrected. And with that long top 4th and bottom 5th, I had to use my backup battery and quit tweeting till after the game. But it still worked.

Up on deck

The Rockies will play today at 1:10pm vs. the Giants. Then they play the Diamondbacks at home this weekend. My next game is on Monday night, so if you want to say hi, I’ll be at the ballpark at 4:45pm for batting practice.

I’ll start to post some pics of the game soon. I have some of everything, from field to rain to Dinger.

Sliding home

I’ll use @TroyRenck’s tweet since this is relevant:

The 11 extra-base hits without a HR is a#Rockies’ record, according to team

As long as we can score and win, I’m happy.

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