Business meets baseball

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I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that the Rockies won yesterday, and they have today off to relish the win. Even better: I just got tacos. But that doesn’t mean we can savor this win like licking the frosting off the cake.

The real talk of the day was on Tuesday when Dick Monfort voiced in his interview. It left everyone thinking “What the h— did he say?”

The Rockies had just had a 4-18 record in May when calls for the Monforts to speak up. And granted, there is still plenty of time in the season to play, similar to the situation in 2009. Realistically, we, as fans, did not expect anything to come out of it, despite what my petition wanted to can Dan the man. Yet, he acted as if he is a fan himself, instead of taking some onus of the blame upon himself. He not only emphasized that O’Dowd’s job is safe, but he couldn’t think of anyone better. And yet, he didn’t know many in MLB.

Now, that sounds like a slap in the face to the fans. Mr. Monfort, you sound like a you are either a true businessman CEO who doesn’t care much about his own company, or one that is naive. And both of these are bad attitudes to take with the position you have. You do know that being a businessman, you have to produce the best product, in order for it to sell. And that usually means taking more action than just signing the paycheck at the end of the day. Now, if you want the Rockies to be the Walmart of MLB, go right ahead. You may still get your revenue from those who want to have cheap entertainment. But even Coloradoans prefer an alternative to Walmart. King Soopers, Whole Foods and Sunflower Market are some better sources, dedicated to customer service. This is because they have taken the time to research their alternatives, and offer better quality goods and/or better service than what Walmart could ever provide. Rockies fans do deserve better.

In some ways, Dick Monfort would have been better off just by not saying a word. He did not show the end consumer (the fans) that he was serious on how disappointed the team is, or at least look to investigate how to improve the team. That’s all we wanted. Maybe do some research in your own business of baseball. But what you said Tuesday, you pretty much made yourself look like you put your foot in your mouth. It made you look more foolish than you really are. We as fans don’t have nearly as much insight into the industry of baseball like you do.

In short, I’m still leaving my petition online, knowing it may be words in the wind. Rockies fans, be prepared for a loooooooong season. Buckle up. Enjoy your wins… and Taco Hell trips however few they may be.

Thanks to @RockiesReview (your interview on today’s radio show), @Townie813, @Tulo_2 and @AyanaPipio among others for contributions

Sliding home

Here’s one that suits the mood from Eric G (@codechopper).

We’re having SuperShuttle take all the 70 mile trips between Denver and the Springs! :)

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