Double down on the Rox

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“You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table,
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done”
–Kenny Rogers The Gambler

So what do baseball and poker have in common? If you don’t like your hand, you can always ask for a redeal–and the higher rank wins. While I can’t endorse betting on baseball (especially you, Pete Rose)I see that a lot of this year’s Rockies team is like a deck of cards. In this game, the dealer is Jim Tracy, and the pit manager is Dan O’Dowd.

If one considers the number of roster changes from last year to this year (year to date), it is so far been about the same. Unlike last year, this year’s cards* are not damaged or poisoned insofar as being more like the wrong suit or value. If we take our pitching staff alone, we as fans were hoping for 8♡ 8♢ 8♠ A♣ 2♢. A 3 of a kind. Not a great hand, but one that can be winnable about 50% of the time. Instead, Chacin was an A♣, Moyer 9♡ Guthrie 8♠ Nicasio 9♣ and Pomeranz 7♡. This isn’t even the minimum pair of Jacks or better that can win on a video poker machine. Guthrie gets injured, so we have Moscoso, who is a 2♠. Chacin, who we thought could be our Ace, was actually the worst card, and upon redeal, Tracy deals a card to our crib (bullpen) as if we’re now playing Cribbage. I’m not even going to deal with that yet… Let me calm down before I go to O’Dowd and tell him to play 52-card pickup! *phew*
I’ll mention all of the moves later. The point is that it’s how the cards are dealt, and how we can use them. If Chacin wants to be an A♡, great! But if he wants to be a 3♣, then I have no use for him. If Moyer wants to be a 10♠, I can use him if he can be comined in a good sequence such as a straight or full house. But really, if a card isn’t going to play to my expectations, I shudder when I have to discard a card and have Tracy the Dealer give me a “random” replacement.
For the record, if I have to rank our team attributes as a poker hand, this is how it’d be:

  • Rotation: 9♡ 9♣ 7♡ 2♠ ?? (missing a card as I said above).
  • Bullpen: A♡ 6♢ 4♣ 3♠ 2♣ (Belisle being the Ace, and Rogers/Escalona taking the lower cards.)
  • Offense: Q♢ J♢ 10♢ 9♢ 6♢– one away from a straight flush.
  • Defense: 7♣ 6♣ 5♡ 4♡ 8♣

Whose house? Our House!

Here’s where I will answer someo questions and concerns from certain people on Twitter on our team:

  • David Martin (@RockiesReview) is concerned that Apodaca is at fault for our pitching problems. Actually, I do have to agree with you, though I cannot find if I blogged about it or not. I’ve noticed that pitchers like Paulino and Hammel have gotten better when they have left Coors Field and the land of Purple. However, his boss, Jim Tracy, fully supports him. And that’s a big issue. I’d say that Apodaca is like a 2♣ painting Chacin’s card red, like in Alice in Wonderland.
  • Brian Smith (@gorox1983) and Sackor Dennis (@supahfly328) had a discussion mentioning that our offense isn’t doing enough to win it in the final innings as of late. If I consider things from a year ago, where our offense (what offense?) would shut down at the end, this is much of an improvement. Remember RISP? Yeah, that’s a swear word to us Rox fans. But what it seems like you’re asking is to improve a 2 pair hand to a full house, while I like my odds to improve a 4 card open straight flush. At least a flush is a nice winnable hand, though a straight flush is even better. As to the blown end game, think of it as like a 7 card stud game where each person has a full house being revealed one card at a time.
  • There was a concern by Ed Scott (@edwscott) in regards to wearing out the pitchers and perhaps Ryan (@RyanSev23) and Rafael(@rafaelrojasc) about the Ubaldo trade. In this case, I say that Ubaldo Jimenez was worn out to where he spent time on the DL. In essence, he was a A♠, seen a lot of use and wear and tear to the point the pit manager O’Dowd couldn’t allow it to be used anymore and tossed it out, and exchanged it with 3 cards. (Okay, the deck may be stacked… but who ever said it’s a good deck?) While the douche’s main intent was to sabotage the team out of spite and jealousy, when he was injured, it showed.

From the Clubhouse

Here’s the official transaction list:
05/05/12: Colorado Rockies placed OF Eric Young on the bereavement leave list.
Colorado Rockies optioned RHP Guillermo Moscoso to Colorado Springs Sky Sox.
Colorado Rockies recalled RHP Adam Ottavino from Colorado Springs Sky Sox.
Colorado Rockies recalled 3B Jordan Pacheco from Colorado Springs Sky Sox.
05/04/12 Colorado Rockies called up Carlos Torres from Colorado Springs Sky Sox.
05/03/12 Colorado Rockies optioned Jhoulys Chacin to Colorado Springs Sky Sox.

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Perfect quote by @Townie813. :)

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1 response to Double down on the Rox

  1. Enjoyed the analogy, Frank. Hopefully things start changing in the W-L column soon.