I don’t know what to say

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First of all, let me give a moment of silence for the Rockies pitching staff
There…. wait, who said that? Oh, Hi Christian Friedrich. I didn’t see you there. I guess I figured that you were still in Colorado Springs. Oh? now that you mentioned it, I did see you in yesterday’s game. You were great. But really, the rest of our pitching staff needs to be revived and fast.
I almost didn’t want to write much because we had a 5 game losing streak. It seems like the same old story with our pitching staff. Last year I couldn’t wait to get rid of Morales and Paulino. But in the case of Paulino, he rubbed it in the Rox face with his great performance in KC after leaving. Morales… I don’t know.
As for this year, our staff is not doing great. Apart from Moyer, and maybe Nicasio, we’re having issues. Pomeranz is doing okay for being a rookie. Guthrie was supposed to be a good pitcher from a bad team, but he’s landed on the DL, and is questionable for Tuesday’s start. Chacin, our future Ace, had a real terrible outing, and was initially demoted… only to be placed on the DL instead. That’s not the biggest joke on the Rox right now. The biggest joke is the revolving door of pitchers and the piss-poor relievers. And my best friend and Modesto correspondant, Ashlee (@Ms_APayne) has been keeping track of Jorge De la Rosa, but it hasn’t been so great of news. I don’t want to say more.
I have to agree with David Martin (@RockiesReview) that Apodaca may be a curse. But he’s totally backed by Jim Tracy, and Tracy is totally backed by Dan O’Dowd. So, I’m thinking that O’Dowd is probably the root source of the problem. I am shuddering if we have to go through a whole year of terrible pitching. Maybe I should just crawl into a big bottle of vodka and drink the whole season. The offense is not the problem like it was last year*. And while the defense has issues, I don’t think it’s the root source of the problem.
I just want the pitching to lay off the Butterfingers® and put down the kerosene cans. Just pick up their superscopes, and throw with precision. Sometimes, saying little is better for us all. For the love of purple!
* If only Scutaro can quit being hit by baseballs, I’d be happier.
Thanks to @RockiesReview and @Ms_Apayne for contributions to this blog.

Up on deck

The Rockies are off today, but play this weekend in LA, and then 2 games at Candlestick Park AT&T Park, before coming home with Arizona and interleague next week.

Sliding home

@RockiesReview had this to say about Dexter striking out too many times yesterday:

The only thing worse than Dexter Fowler’s approach at the plate is following his fiance on Twitter. #Rockies

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