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Okay, after having another loss this month, this is too much agony for a Rockies fan to endure. Our record in May right now is 4-14 with 10 games to play, not counting today. Remember May 2011 where we had an 8-22 record? Where does this stop? I think we as Coloradoans need to get organized and start a petition to demand better service. (When I mean Coloradoans, i mean you loyal fans who support our Colorado sports teams, regardless of geolocation.) Normally I’m not one for petitions online. But I believe this has principle. If nothing else, it brings some truth and a point of discussion for other fans. If you do agree with this, I encourage you to put your name/location in comments.

Thanks to @Townie813, @RockiesReview, @gorox1983 @dutchyfan9 and @RyanSev23 for your contributions on twitter and your blogs. I may have used parts of it in this petition below.

The Petition

To: Charlie and Dick Monfort
From: Colorado Rockies fans (see below)
Subject: Petition to fire Dan O’Dowd

Summary: We, the undersigned, believe that Dan O’Dowd, Jim Tracy and his coaching staff have been incapable of producing and managing a baseball team of Major League caliber. Since Tracy and his coaching staff is directly supported to O’Dowd, we’d like to remove Dan O’Dowd on the basis we feel he is incompetent to manage a baseball team.

History: Dan O’Dowd was hired as the Colorado Rockies General Manager in 1999. He was responsible for the breakup of the Blake Street Bombers, and the hiring of Denny Neagle and Mike Hampton. His tenure saw the hiring and the firing of Clint Hurdle. He led us through 2004 with the “Todd and the toddlers” as known by the fans, or Generation R as known by the public relations department. O’Dowd nearly traded Helton to Boston.

Declaration: We, as Colorado sports fans, are proud of our sports teams. We have many teams in a vast array of sports and of varying levels of expertise, to which we support our teams, their sponsors and advertisers.

Upon the successes of 2007 and 2009, Dan O’Dowd claimed to put together a team in 2011 which, theoretically, was viewed as a winning formula. In actuality, it was an overrated team which underperformed, and one that O’Dowd put the least amount of effort constructing. He would spend a lot of time renovating the team’s interior by trading away a lot of players, starting with the Ubaldo Jimenez trade midseason. With all the trades, however, the 2012 season seems to be a mirror image of 2011, starting off with a .500 April, and a 4-14 record in May.

While some of the trades were great, including Michael Cuddyer, the overall trades that were made during the offseason 2011 made us wondering what the direction the front office was going. And I believe that even they didn’t know which way they wanted to go. If the team were to start from scratch, we could accept it. But there were some veterans signed that made us think we may have the chance to contend. And indeed, it started like we might be headed that way. But to have a team hit a losing streak in May is totally unacceptable.

Sure, we remember that this is a long season. We remember 2007, where we had Rocktober. That year we had a 21-1 streak since September 15. But we also remember 2011, where we set a Major League embarrasing 17 home Sunday losses in a row, and a 8-22 May. We were never able to truly contend last year.

We are also sick of seeing the revolving door on our staff. It’s one thing to lose players to injury. But we’ve sent down plenty of players for development purposes, and the ones we kept up are either old, out of options, or highly inefficient. How many times do we need to send down Dexter Fowler so he can get his swing in action? What happened to Drew Pomeranz who was supposed to be a great pitcher?

In short, Dan O’Dowd fired Clint Hurdle in 2009 because he felt Hurdle lost the voice in the clubhouse. But we as Colorado sports fans do get upset when our managing teams don’t realize what damage they have caused to our teams. I don’t need to remind anyone how we handled Dan Hawkins, or Josh McDaniels. Some of us as fans are not certain if Jim Tracy or Bob Apodaca, or any one on the coaching team is to blame for our problems with pitching and offense. But this doesn’t matter, since Dan O’Dowd trusts them. And this we feel is why Dan O’Dowd should be released. He does not have what it takes to manage a Major League team.

As Colorado Sports fans would say, get rid of him! Our voices will be echoed in public, and on all social media networks, including Twitter and Facebook, until we have new leadership to take command and control of a ship that is already sinking


Frank Spychaj, Lakewood CO (admin (at)

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5 responses to The petition

  1. Officially adding my name to the petition. Though I do reserve the right to remove my name should a miracle occur in the next four months.

  2. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Under Dan O’Dowd, Rockies fans have been slamming their heads against a wall since 1999. Do you think a marquee franchise would endure these embarassing results for so long?

    The bottom line is that Dan O’Dowd MUST be fired. In lieu of that, I implore the Monfort’s to sell the team to someone who cares enough to build a winner and make hard decisions.

  3. Trevor Irvine

    I couldn’t agree more with this petition. The Rockies as an organization have completely failed the most important people to them, us fans. The fact that the Rockies have made the playoffs just 3 years out of 19 is just an embarrassment.
    Dick Monfort’s comments just prove he has no clue about building a winning franchise and he is in completely over his head owning this team. The fact he only knows a handful of GM’s in this league is just ridiculous, and shows a total disregard to this sport. And then his hand picked GM cannot run a scouting and development staff and develop any pitchers to be of a major league standard. This process has been a monumental flop in the last decade.
    With this incompetent owner and incompetent GM running this team the Rockies future looks very bleak. It’s time to hit the Monforts in the pockets and start boycotting games and put enough pressure on him to sell this team to someone who actually cares about winning and running this franchise professionally!

  4. ted

    If you’re going to make a petition, at least know what you are talking about. Michael Cuddyer was not a trade, it was a free agent signing…

    • Frank da Druid

      That’s true. I should have used the word “transactions” since that will include all players traded and signed. But in a way, even if it wasn’t a trade to say, we had to give away Seth Smith to make room for Cuddyer in the outfield.