Murphy’s law of baseball

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Well, I suppose this is the Murphy’s law of baseball… anything that could go wrong will indeed bite your ass.

But I want to change topics from the inevitable doom and gloom of baseball. Now, anyone who has not heard of Dave Krieger has probably been either living under a rock, or out of state. Seriously, a former Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post reporter/columnist, now sees his time on AM 850 KOA between 3pm-7pm, and also blogs on sports, in addition to his freelance work on twitter (@DaveKrieger). While he works with his partner Dave Logan, his columns are as unbiased as he can make it. Shortly after switching from the Post to KOA, his co-host Dave Logan was fired from a high school coaching job at Mullen. Since Logan had a huge reputation–akin to a local celebrity status, everyone was taken aback by this. Everyone except Logan. He acted in the most mature attitude, and just said they can do what they want and move on. Of course, the answer from Mullen’s side changed a few times. Eventually, we get to why Krieger wrote the extensive column on why ruin Logan’s reputation. Warning, this is an extremely long article, but it’s worth reading the procedures with high school sports in CO. I think it’s a worthy read, and why we’re all right when Logan has been wronged. (Too bad there’s no Wikipedia article on Dave Krieger, I think that we should start one for him?)

But the biggest news of the week, and throughout the baseball world is also covered by Dave Krieger… That Jim Tracy would change his pitching rotation. He would go to a 4 man rotation, with a–get this–75 pitch limit. First reaction was that something needed to be done about the pitching rotation. But the second is that this isn’t going to work. It’s not going to solve anything. And yet, this is a sign that Tracy is on his last leg as well as his boss, Dan O’Dowd. Now, it’s not unusual to go to a 4 man rotation. It’s been done in history before. In fact, that’s all they had before the 5 man rotation was started. But this is NOT going to solve the problem of our pitchers, and that pitch count is only going to make things worse, not better for all of our pitchers. All you’re going to do is burn up ALL of our pitchers, not just the starters, or bullpen. What really needs to be done is to dump Guthrie, and get a good 5th starter. It hasn’t helped that Jorge De la Rosa is still out with injuries. Who knows if he’ll throw away the entire 2012 year as well. His status is unknown. Same with Chacin and Nicasio, who were both put on the DL within weeks of each other in May 2012. So, we’re really in an abyss. And how is this experiment holding up? Well, 2 days into it, it seems not to have an impact. With Betancourt’s BS (and that’s blown save) last night, ending up becoming a loss thanks to the Scutaro/Helton error. We’re still losing. So with Tracy’s BS (and this is NOT a blown save, but rather bullsh*t), I think it’s safe to say we have “Rockies last stand” here.

Please go sign the petition, if you want change for the Rockies.

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