Rock the pitchers around

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I have to admit it. Our offense may be a great asset. But, even CarGo and Cuddy can’t carry the team to wins every day. I mean, pick a game, and the scores are pretty lopsided or abnormal: 6-1, 7-0, 9-7, 13-3, etc. If the winning run is higher, it usually means a Rox win with lots of home runs and offense. If it’s lower, that’s usually a sign our pitching failed, and our offense got shut out. So it’s no surprise that we need to fix something with our pitching.

Our revolving door seems to be very active. For the time being, let me look at each of our starting pitchers. No, I don’t want to cover our relief pitchers since they were used too much and then I’ll have to pull a Q*Bert when talking about Esmil Rogers. Anyways, here’s our list of pitchers in rotation.

  • Jhoulys Chacin: Terrible start, almost demoted him but then placed on 15d DL instead. No word when he’ll start rehab.
  • Drew Pomeranz: Our supposed star of the old Ubaldo trade. He has confidence issues and is in AAA-Springs to work it out. I am one of the few who do believe he is best served there until he is ready to come up, or will be recalled. And he will be up by the All Star break (or a couple days thereafter).
  • Jamie Moyer: Was not supposed to make the roster, but he did because others could not step up. I was hoping he would make the roster, and did okay in the beginning. But eventually he was not enough to stop the bleeding, and was released, only to be given a minor league deal with the Orioles.
  • Josh Outman: aka, the pitching by commitee. To be honest, this is a terrible idea to put a pitcher to start with a low pitch count. I guess when your pitching staff resorts to this, your team is in huge trouble.
  • Jeremy Guthrie: He was supposed to be the workhorse of the staff. The “innings eater” as it was referred to. (and personally, I would have been hungry if this term wasn’t so overused. Now I just want to spew when I hear that term.) But lately, he has been getting rocked more than Moyer was, and I just shudder each time I hear he is starting. I’m sorry, but it’s almost as bad as the old Sunday record we had.
  • Alex White: Another key trade from Ubaldo, he couldn’t earn a spot coming out of Spring Training. Now that he is up, is seemingly holding his own.
  • Christian Friedrich: A homegrown draft that had injury concerns in the past. But now looks like the he is perfect. (He’s not, just that he can at least pitch when others can’t.)
  • Guillermo Moscoso (Sorry, I had to Google the name because I can’t spell.) He was a trade that for some miraculous reason, went sour, and subsequentially optioned. Should get another chance later… but will he better himself?
  • Jorge De La Rosa: Trying to recover from surgery, has been in the minors trying to rehab. Trying is the key word, because every time he tries, it stops. Now he’s out with water on the elbow, and God knows when he’ll be ready at the top level.
  • Jeff Francis. Huh? Let me explain…

Wow, that whole list stunk. It’s been so long that I don’t even know what our pitching rotation is now. Unfortunately, this is still Dan O’Dowd’s doing. So, I think that what he has done with the pitching and the team may deserve him a one-way ticket out of Colorado after this year.

Anyways, now for the Jeff Francis news. I was following this story for several days when Jack & Jerry (and also Dave & Dave) mentioned about Jeff Francis. After we let him go, he was with the Royals, and then with the Reds’ AAA team in Louisville. But he asked for, and rightfully got his release. The rumors were that he could return to Colorado. This article pretty much says it’s virtually done that he is back, and starting Saturday. I avoided Twitter for this reason, but I think it’s a step in the right direction. Let me make this fair to say. Francis will not be our savior, or an ace. But I believe he will contribute to the team. Besides, with our pitching rotation as messy as it is, we needed to do something. It sounds like Francis 3.0 seems to be about as good as 1.0 (the 1.0 version was before TJ surgery, the 2.0 was afterwards.) In essence, I think this was a wise move, even if our team has virtually no hope at postseason.
Thanks to @gorox1983 @Tulo_2 and @RockiesReview for contribution to today’s post.

In the stands

Well, I really don’t want to recap the week’s games, since it was 2 losses at Chase Field, one to Ian Kennedy, and one by Guthrie. Though getting the opening win helped.

Instead, it’s worth noting that my friend David Martin (@RockiesReview) is on Thursdays at about 10:20am on Mile High Sports 1510 AM (KCKK, online via tunein radio). It’s interesting how the hosts try to stump him, and he candidly offers great responses.

And also, I moved the Fire O’Dowd petition to the menu bar. I am going to hold true faith in this, since he is the one ultimately responsible for the players and the coaching staff. You can feel free to sign it at any time.

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