Surveying the Rocky Road: May 2012

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Ummm…. this has been an interesting season so far. And by “interesting”, it hasn’t been all that good. I was going to write an off-beat post for Monday, and compare it to the Rockies, but in a way I’m glad I didn’t do that. It would have ruined my metaphor for this month. But the best way I could describe this month is if I could compare it something we might be familiar with: roller coasters.

Imagine entering Lakeside Amusement park, and the first ride you want to go on is the Cyclone. (Sorry, Twister II at Elitch’s is not adequate. Maybe Mr. Twister, but that’s torn down. I need something more dramatic.) It’s early in the day so you can enjoy the coaster a few times. This would be April 2012. The wooden roller coaster is full of ups, and downs, and all-arounds. But for the most part, you had a great ride.

But now, you get hungry, so you get something to eat, before you take another trip on the Cyclone. Through your next trip, you suddenly start to feel sick. You know you shouldn’t have eaten, but you wanted to quench your hunger. And before you could make it to the bathroom, you vomit–maybe in front of the Merry-Go-Round (carousel). You take a time out on the bench nearby and rest. Now you’re feeling better, and the next thing you know, you’re in line again for another trip on the Cyclone. It feels like we’ve gone through May in this way.

For the fans, it feels like we went one too many times on the roller coaster this month. The train wreck with the pitching made our roller coaster ride feel more like downs than ups. When it felt like the team was down in the dumps, I held my petition up, only to find that Dick Monfort’s words made me spew all over the place. It was sickening to hear what he said. It would have been better if he didn’t say something.

But yet, this might have been the start of something. Despite our roster having a serious turnstyle… aka revolving door syndrome worse than last year pitching wise, there was a significant move recently that might have ignited the team. As much as it was a favorite news highlight, it was sad to say that Jamie Moyer, the oldest active pitcher in MLB, was DFA’d this week. Time probably took the course for him, and he might have been the scapegoat. But it was a great run while it lasted. It happened ironically in the same home stretch that the Rox pounded the Astros, with CarGo holding the reins.

This month of May might have reflected the same result as May 2011. No fan wants to relive that time. But unlike last year, this year’s problems have been mostly of the pitching blowup variety. This is a continued issue, and I feel this may never get resolved to our satisfaction. My thoughts this year reflect one cartoon I saw by my favorite cartoonist, Drew Litton. In it, he drew 2 roller coasters. Good luck riding the roller coasters. But please remember the tip your mother gave you: “Always wait 2 hours after eating before riding again.”

Surveying the Rocky Road is my monthly review of the Rockies, put into druid-style analysis. I hope you enjoyed this, and stay tuned to my next blog, again on Monday.

On page 2

There are a few columns that were released in today’s Denver Post that do need some clarification. Let me start with Kiszla’s column about moving Tulo to 3rd. Let me say that he’s entitled to his own opinion. But this isn’t happening, for 2 reasons. 1. there is no one in the farm system even remotely looked at for SS. Troy’s job is safe. And 2. If he is to move, it’s more likely that he goes to second, not third. According to a podcast I heard, 2nd base is usually filled with former shortstops past their prime. That’s why you hardly draft a 2B, but you’re more likely to draft a SS. Besides that, Tulo can still be active enough for a 2B. He’d be like Clint Barmes. But if this happens, it won’t be until the last 2-3 years of his contract ending.

Also, I thought it was rather stupid for the Post to run this article as the front sports page article. It explains what’s wrong with Coors Field, and why the Rockies may have problems improving their lineup. It’s not because of the money. But the ‘fan support’ seems to be lukewarm to putting out a quality team. On the other hand, it does give me hope that I can safely take a date to Coors Field. Any eligible women interested? :)

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