I don’t know: 3rd base

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“What’s the guy’s name on first base?”
“No. What is on second.”
“I’m not asking you who’s on second.”
“Who’s on first.”
“I don’t know.”
“He’s on third, we’re not talking about him.”
–Abbott & Costello’s Who’s on First

I love me some Abbott & Costello. Though they had many Comedic skits, such as “Two tens for a five” and “Abbott & Costello get gas”, the top search on YouTube is “Who’s on first.” A must for all baseball fans to know. In light of the All star break, I thought I’d try to apply Abbott’s lineup on our Rockies Roster. Remember, this is all in fun.

* 1st base: Who. I’m sure Rockies fans are saying this when Helton has to rest, the rate is increasing as of late.
* 2nd base: What. This is the one word that pops up when Marco Scutaro is playing, outside of the modern “WTF”
* Shortstop: I don’t give a damn. (The PG-13 version). This is what Raffy (@Tulowitzki2) and Kate (@Kate2low) and others say while Tulo is on the DL.
* 3rd base: I don’t know. A common black hole for the Rox… as no one really knows who is playing 3rd. Is it Pacheco, Nelson, Arenado (to be announced later), or someone else?

* Left field: Why. Sorry CarGo, this doesn’t really apply to you. Though I’m sure Athletics fans are saying “Why”
* Center field: Because. This is the answer when Fowler or Colvin catches your ball. Because they are so awesome, you just need one word. :)
* Right field. Abbott never defined RF in his routine, but urban legend says it’s Nobody. I think they should have said “Cuddyer”, but for the days that Helton is resting, and Michael has to play 1st, then nobody can be in RF :)

Or as Costello says, “All we got is a couple of days on the team.”
* Pitcher: Tomorrow. Dan O’Dowd thinks we have the pitching staff ready tomorrow. Sigh. Though, Pomeranz is giving some money for the value.
* Catcher: Today. I’ve heard for years that Rosario is our catcher from other fans. I digress, though this year, he has been in the primary position since the injury. So I guess he’s the catcher of Today.

Under further review

Reviewing last week’s tweets, there were several webgems that I felt were appropriate at recapping the Rockies first half of this year’s dismal season.

David Martin (@RockiesReview) sums up our season with this tweet: “@druidlove I think O’Dowd was content with who had had brought in. I don’t think he had a plan B, and it bit him.”

Following this was @mrsinister0′s tweet: “@druidlove @Townie813 I believe the majority of our woes are created by coaching and management. 80%. Talents issues are AGE and injuries.”

I do like the conversation that Mark Townsend (@Townie813) and I (@druidlove) had regarding Pomeranz:
@Townie813: “@druidlove Haha definitely. Just too bad they left Pomeranz down at the Springs so long, but better late than never.”
@druidlove: “@Townie813 yeah. But then again, one good thing that came out of it: Pomeranz learned what’s best for himself: shut others out of his hands”
@Townie813: “@druidlove it’s true. We need more players that are confident enough in themselves to take the coaching, but still know what works for them.”

But finally, I love Ashlee’s tweet in regards not only to Edwar Cabrera (Who we were talking about), but the Rockies in general. This is how a lot of people, both fans, and outsiders view our club:

@druidlove he’s legit he’ll figure it out I think the rox screw their players with the up and down

Ashlee, I’m going to name you our new GM. :)

In light of the All-Star game this week, the Rockies are off until Friday. Therefore, unless there is breaking news, I’m not blogging on Thursday. Enjoy your week.

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