Road to loserdom

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Okay, reality check time. Who’s still watching the Rockies? Who’s going to their nearest Buffalo Wild Wings® or other bar to go watch the game? Who is still keeping tabs on the Rockies? Say ‘aye’. ….. hmmm, I hear crickets.

Looks like we have some bad news here. The Rockies have already gone through the half-way point, and have lost exactly 50 games. They are on pace for 100 losses, and perhaps more, at the rate of 1 win for every 3-4 losses. Unfortunately, the team keeps throwing games away, and when management seems to open their mouth, only the foul stench of something stupid comes out. And it’s turning off the dedicated fans like me.

Yes, we know that this year is done. Nothing left to fight for. Part of it is not your fault: we didn’t ask for injuries and prolonged injuries to Nicasio. Chacin, JDLR, and Tulowitzki to start. But I don’t agree with Tracy moving players around, such as putting Cuddyer at 1st or 2nd. And if a pitcher fails, shipping to and from Colorado Springs is not going to help. The real problem is we need some real pitching. and that isn’t happening the way O’Dowd is going.

I do see a serious disconnect with the management and ownership and the fans. We’ve never been on pace to lose 100 games, and are threatening to do so this year. But here’s the real problem: Ownership likes the 30,000 + people filling the stands each game. But this model is unsubstainable if the team keeps losing. It may be possible this year because a lot of tickets were pre-purchased due to corporate sponsorship. But management is oblivious to the problems in the near term, and in the long term. For example, what happens when Helton retires? Who fills his spot? And who are our 5 starting pitchers? Sure, Jeff Francis can take one for now. But he’s not the solution.

Meanwhile, until O’Dowd and the Monforts get their heads out of their asses and do something about the team, you will alienate more fans than you gain. I’ve talked to several Rox fans who just quit listening/watching because the quality of the team isn’t MLB caliber. And I can’t continue to write these negative blog posts without being depressed. I think you need to make moves, and now.

As for the fans, if there isn’t a significant move, I plan to organize a lynch mob, with stoning and torches. Meet me at Blake Street Tavern. :)

Note: During the month of July, I will be unable to post on Thursdays, due to my busy schedule. The Monday posts will remain. Have a great summer.

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