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Catching this morning’s Denver Post about Geivett meeting with Tracy, I could start quoting Han Solo’s “I got a bad feeling about this” line.

Ironically, it does feel like Star Wars, where Dan O’Dowd is Emperor Palpatine, and Bill Geivett is Darth Vader. Sure, I think this type of meeting between GM and manager happens every year. But I believe publishing this in the Denver Post about the Geivett/Tracy meeting was either a) not needed or b) an ominous sign Tracy may see his last days in purple pinstripes.

A team that has already had its worst season on record, and is on the brink of setting the centurion mark of losses says it all. Who’s to blame? Players deserve some share, except those who are injured or remained injured for extended periods of play. Coaches deserve a bit more of the pie. But ultimately, the blame lies on the front office. In particular, it is Dan O’Dowd, and now Bill Geivett. We can blame O’Dowd first of all for his extremely poor choice in signings/trades, and a bad plan (or a lack of a backup) when the first plan fails. Secondly, I’m so sick of their excuses, especially of altitude. If altitude is the problem for pitching and even injuries (rolls eyes), I’d like to take these two up to the summit of Longs Peak, put a noose attached to a bungee cord, and push them off the edge. Whoops! That’ll solve the altitude problem. No, I’m serious: O’Dowd blames altitude for our pitching problem. Geivett blames altitude as part of the injury problem. Um hello? Did the Minnesota Twins have problems with their altitude last year? Injuries do happen, and some years it’s worse than others. It’s just something you have to adapt to.

I am getting disenfranchised with the PR and the front office with this team. Does Tracy deserve to stay? Probably not. But if he’s gone, it’s probably for the wrong reasons. Does Geivett deserve to manage? I don’t think so. But he may act like he’ll take over next year. Does the front office deserve to be flushed? HELL YEAH! But I don’t see that happening. I’d like to see Tracy gone, but also to remove O’Dowd and Geivett. They seem to not know Jack&&8482; about running a baseball team.

As I am watching the standings, the teams are just about decided, and the positions are pretty much decided. There’s still a couple positions not totally set, but it’ll require luck and fate for it to happen. I’m going to look forward to the NL Wildcard the most, because I still like the Braves and St. Louis Cardinals to an extent. Hell, I like NL over AL teams*.

I will be blogging when I want/can during postseason, though this is my last regular Rockies blog. What I will do is blog what I want during postseason, and definitely on Twitter (@druidlove). During the offseason, I’ll blog here on Rockies or baseball sporadically. My hockey posts I’ll have another blog set up for it, if they can ever get out of the lockout.

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