Tracy leaves

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Well, some breaking news. Troy Renck just reported that Jim Tracy resigns. To me, I feel bittersweet about it. On the one hand, I kind of wanted it, especially after last year. But I think this only highlights the root problem with the Rockies: the problem is further up.

Now, I’ve been advocating Tracy to be fired since mid-2011. He does have his faults, and I believe that if I could apply sabermetrics to Jim Tracy, he has a WAR of -5.00. WAR stands for “Wins Above Replacement”. So if we replaced him with a minor-league manager, that’s saying the minor league manager would give the team 5 extra wins than Tracy!!! That’s really sad to hear that. But why that many? Part of the problem is that Tracy misuses the double-switch. Also, pitchers are abused to either be out for too long, and he has been known to use favorite players more than others who deserve time. That was before 2012 came around.

However, the problems in 2012 go further up the chain. For even the faults that Tracy has, he has to work with the players he has on his active roster. And if we get players like Guthrie and Moscoso who can’t pitch, or players gone due to injuries, then what is any manager to do? One has to do the best he can. Until the front office starts to butt in and dictates how things are to be run. That’s where the real problem comes in. And to add insult to injury, this organization pulls a Walmart, and inserts an assistant GM in between GM and manager, and puts him in the clubhouse to watch Tracy like a hawk. Yeah, if I were Tracy, I’d walk away too. I don’t want to be micromanaged by some front office guy in a suit. That’s why I feel sad about this move.

I kind of expected this move to happen to be honest. With the initial delay after the Friday and Saturday meeting, I was surprised it would be announced today. Yet, with Tracy announcing it like this, it was like a laugh to the club, and also undermining how bad the situation really is. I fear that this means the management structure is only going to be worse unless we really get rid of the entire front office. That means O’Dowd, his assistants, and yes, Bill Geivett need to go. I think even the Monforts need to sell the team if they believe this model. This is a baseball club, not a factory industry. One needs to be competitive by putting out THE best product, and not use excuses. And sadly, I’ve heard more excuses this year than all the toilet paper I’ve bought in the same period. I guess I’m not wiping enough, or brown nosing enough.

Sadly, while Tracy has his faults, his leaving has given speculation as to how bad this organization really is. And unless change happens further up, I really seriously doubt this team will get better for years to come. The front office will probably promote Tom Runnels to the position, only because it’s an increase in pay. But not much more will come out it. This says how little I see happening from this team, and how little hope I have for our team. So long Jim Tracy, and thanks for all the fish. I shudder at the future.

Tomorrow’s column: Twitter awards for my baseball tweeps.

Edited 10-07-2012 09:08pm as the Jim Tracy link was not correct. The story has changed slightly since the original post.

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