Welcome to 2013

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The leaves start to roll out its green leaves, the hot dog vendors start to grill their hot dogs and bratwursts, the crack of the bats make their first sounds, and Salt River Fields opens for business. Spring training has begun… and soon Opening day will be upon us. Baseball is back.

Yeah, it’s been a really boring offseason if you were a Rockies fan. The only breaking news was that Tracy quit and there was quite a soap opera until Walt Weiss was hired on as the Rockies Skipper. Unfortunately, the problems that plagued last year’s pitching was not addressed by the GM. Okay, I take for fact that injuries plagued the team last year. But for an organization that was panicked about pitching and altitude– even so much as to put in radical ways to change it last year, they did nothing to address it in the offseason. I’m very ashamed of this. This has led mostly to me being silent.

This year, I plan to blog again on once or twice a week during the baseball season. Since I’m in the middle of moving in with my girlfriend this month, I can’t promise being active until April. I don’t have a set schedule yet, but I look forward to announcing it by the end of the month.

But until then, enjoy the World Baseball Classic, and sing John Fogerty’s “Centerfield” during Spring Training.

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