Opening day 2013

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It’s been hard for me to keep track of the Rockies during Spring Training. It also didn’t help that I was in the middle of moving. But It was also due to the Rockies doing little over the offseason to help assure us that 2012 was a fluke. Yet, some moves late in Spring Training might have helped changed things a bit.

Today was opening day, and the first real baseball game of the season for the Rockies. The show opened for business. Whether the Rockies, the front office, or the fans were ready or not, baseball was here. All of our expectations of doom and gloom were changed with a spectacular homer from Tulo and Cuddyer, and Chacin lasted 6 2/3 innings with 94p. A 3-1 game was looking good for us. And Weiss, unlike his predecesor, pulled Chacin at the right time.

Unfortunately, the bullpen was where it showed we needed improvement. This is unlike last year where our bullpen was pretty solid and a shaky starting rotation. Belisle only let one pitch in, and I wish he would have stayed till the 8th. Lopez not only let up 3 runs, and let the Brewers lead, but ruined Chacin’s good start. If it wasn’t for Fowler’s 9th inning tying homer, Lopez would have had the loss. Adam Ottavino ended up getting the loss in the 10th erroneously keeping the ball up on a sacrifice fly.

If you took the game as an insight to this year’s Rockies team, it looks like offense is going to be fine, except the one unnecessary out caused by the 3rd base coach. The starting pitching seems to be a good sign, so we don’t need to revert to last year’s crappy 4 man/75 pitch count rotation. If the front office can stay out of that, I’d be happy. Our bullpen pitching does need to shape up a bit, or else we will never reach .500 this year. Be prepared for a rocky ride, Rockies fans.

Since I’ve moved, I’m going to blog on a semi-weekly basis, I’ll try Monday and Thursday nights (after 9pm MDT.) until further notice. Take care.

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