Why I hate the media

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Well, I could have titled this as “Why I hate Puig”, but let me bring up the good news first. For you Rockies fans, the good news is that Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzales made the All-Star team as starters. Michael Cuddyer is also making the All-star team as a reserve. If he shows up as the (grumble) NL Designated hitter, I’d be even happier. But to have 3 Rockies players represent us in the All-Star game is incredible.

Of course, a lot of the rumbling is about possibly having Dodger rookie Yasiel Puig make the all-star team was going on during the voting. Then the rosters were announced, and the “final vote” players were released. These could possibly be called “second chance”, and Puig was on that list. Sadly, this is a travesty.

First of all, the media has its faults here for “selective choosing” players they want to focus on. In the past, you’d be lucky to hear them talking about Tulo for the Rockies… or if you went further back, you’d hear a bit about Walker, Bichette, Galarraga, and the Blake Street Bombers. (Of course, you’d usually hear the words “Coors Field” in a derogatory term for a decade after the humidor was introduced.) And that stereotype still exists: a ESPN writer made up a list of top 15 NL players, and no one on the Rockies were listed despite Tulo putting up great numbers, and CarGo is leading in home runs, and 2nd in hits. Fortunately, this is more of an exception than the rule, as writers are now realizing Coors Field is not as hitter friendly compared to opening.

Yet the media is dominating their efforts on Puig. He has been up only for a month, and talk was about him. Earlier I was among many who thought he should not be on the AS team because he had only been up for a month. It would have been unfair to other players like Cuddyer who have been playing since the start of the season. So, now a rookie who seems to be doing nothing but hit bombers to pitchers he sees, AND GETS INTO A BENCH CLEARING BRAWL is all the major media seems to care about. Sadly, his teammate, Hanley Ramirez, who has the same time and stats as Puig this year gets the big shaft. I’m sorry, I have a problem with this mentality. His numbers are not sustainable. And he still has not been up long enough to justify being on an all star team. Rookie of the year? I can see that, as well as MVP… but those take into account the entire year.

To my effort, I’d vote Freeman or Desmond before Puig. My 2 cents worth. And definitely will root NL again– not just for my favorite Rockies players, but in general. Go Rockies

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