From a broken hearted fan

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We have gone through 4 months of baseball already. For those who have followed the Rockies, we’ve already seen some ups: the team started off better, we were fighting for first place for most of the 1st half, were contending in an already weak NL West division. Michael Cuddyer made headlines with his 28 game hitting streak. 3 of our players were in the All Star game, all as starters (Yeah, even Cuddyer started because he was the DH).

But the last two months have been dismal to the point of oblivion. After having a good April and May, things fell apart. Injuries start to plague the Rockies. It wasn’t as bad as last year, but it had an effect where every other day, the roster kept changing. But more importantly, we had some problems with pitching and offense. Our starting pitching in general was good, but when they were good, the offense was missing. And the offshoot where the offense was hitting (which seemed to be more and more rare each day), the pitching failed us. 3 of our starters died to the point where they were gone before the all star game (Francis, Garland, Nicasio), and the bullpen became more and more erratic. Yeah, I’m looking at Lopez, Ottavino, and even Belisle. Oh yeah, Matt Belisle, who was so reliable for us the last few seasons now had cracks as big as Texas showing up where his W-L record shows it. This really hurts the fans who really want to have hope for the team.

As fans, we could see this getting from bad to worse. Some of our favorite players disappeared as we were just trying to “improve our chances for contention”. Indeed, Chris Nelson and Eric Young Jr. were on that list. Those that replaced seemed to be retreads from around the league, and even in the Rockies organization for the 2nd time. We tried Roy Oswalt after Jeff Francis was ineffective, and his 4 starts were so ineffective that he ended up on the DL to this day. Then we tried to sacrifice our farm system. They proved not to be ready, and choked. At the same time, the distance in the division race gets longer and longer. Fans are getting disinterested. The clubhouse is losing its feel, as Arenado imitates Tulowitzki in throwing bats in anger after strikeouts. (Sorry, I think this stuff is like toddler tantrum ON the field.) Offense is getting worse… Defense is making more errors, and even the starting pitchers are melting down under this.

Surely, there are some bright spots. I still have to think that Cuddyer and Helton and even CarGo are good. Arenado is generally good defensively. But there isn’t much more good I can say. At the trade deadline, besides having a crummy trade market, we really couldn’t trade anyone because they were either locked up, or not valuable enough to trade. Yeah, if they wanted to contend, they needed a good homestand after the All-Star break to have a chance. It was mediocre, but still had a chance. I do say the final nail was Monday at Atlanta. With Hudson removed thanks to a former Rockie EY (probably one of the coolest players even in a dreadful situation), the Rockies were rockin’ Beachy as his first start back from the DL. Then they gave it all away and lost the game. This has to be a sad moment of this year.

While my girlfriend and I are always hoping and wanting to root for our home team, our home team gives us no incentive to root for them. If the same results seem to happen over and over as if we’re watching Groundhog Day, then what is the purpose of watching our team? When our team plays smart baseball, and is willing to put up a fight, bring it on. This is why I haven’t been motivated enough to write blogs about the Rockies. And, when that happens, fan base is losing. Please fix our team and show some more consistent action.

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