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You may also want to see the initial post, written the day this blog was formed.

Hello, I’m Frank, also known as the Druid. You may know me as @druidlove (or using alternate account @druidloveRox). Being a ‘native’ to Colorado, and loves the internet as much as the sports, I devote most of my spare time to things I love most: Rockies, Twitter, and sports. You may see me anywhere around town, wearing my favorite team, the Rockies, like New York loves neon.

This blog is devoted to sports in general, though a huge emphasis will be placed on most Colorado teams. But my goal of this blog is to bring up issues that may not be caught by most blogs or newspapers. It is also to make you think. I strive for originality here.

What you can expect to see here:

  • Blog 3-4 times a week during baseball season, 1-2 times a week during the offseason
  • Coverage from these Colorado teams
  • Analysis, insight and criticism on behind the scenes or extraordinary events.
  • Unbiased and fair reporting, though do expect opinions to be expressed.

What you will NOT see in this blog:

  • Pictures or videos, at least a lot of them. If it is an absolute must, I will. But you’ll see more of them through twitter links and other places.
  • A lot of stats, including newer sabermetric stats. I do believe that actions on the field will outweigh most stats given. But this is meant to be seen by common people, and throwing “high-tech” stats is like showing a 90-year old how to use a computer.
  • Gambling, or team bashing apart from a specific incident in the game. I don’t bet. And I have more respect to other teams that I will not stoop down to their level of immaturity. I may, however, cite an incident during the game that was unjust. But I will not state something like “Red Sox Sux” out of the blue.
  • Recaps of games. I read 4 blogs on Rockies recaps, and I will link them as necessary as well as provide permalinks. I strive for outside the usual writing.
  • Non-sports related posts. I have Twitter and other blogs for this purpose.
  • Anything involving the Denver Broncos. I may live in Colorado, but they get too much media as it is.

Feel free to read, enjoy, and comment here, or send me a tweet on Twitter. I value all feedback.

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