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The Mile High Benefits club

I have to admit it that I’m proud to be a Coloradoan. Being a Coloradoan has its advantages. We have 300 plus days of sunshine, fresh clean air*, [..]

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Ladders and chutes

If sports leagues were structured around team performance instead of player performance… Read more »

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An unnecessary change

Losing a coach is not an easy choice, but when is it a ridiculous choice to part ways? Read more »

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Rockies, Giambi, and the Hall of Fame? Really?

A crazy suggestion on who should go in the Hall of Fame for the Rockies. It’s more like wishful thinking Read more »

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Survivor- Rockies style

If the 2011 Rockies offseason was like Survivor, how did it go? And who won? Read about my story… Read more »

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The rise and fall of a team

I had a thought that was spawned off of one of my best friends yesterday, and I also felt like supplement the Eagles post I made. So, how [..]

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Moving on up

Colorado Eagles get a promotion. I’m here to explain how this does affect the team, and its fans. Read more »

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A crazy day in sports

Wow, what a crazy day in sports. First, we had the CHL finals going on in Loveland. This is game 6, and the Eagles slaughtered the Mudbugs 8-1 [..]

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Hockey ends this week

It’s been tough to be dedicated to two sports. I love baseball, and it will always be my superior sport. The Rockies are my #1 love, though they [..]

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Suck it up

On Saturday March 12th, I went to a Colorado Eagles game. This is a hockey team in the Central Hockey League (CHL) in Northern Colorado. (If you want, [..]

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