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What’s wild this playoffs?

How the postseason has developed in the MLB, and what’s wrong with the extra wildcard Read more »

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Crazy train of a ride

A collection of thoughts: GM’s putting feet in mouth, what a pitching staff should consist of, postseason thoughts. Read more »


Something doesn’t fit

Well, as with last week, the Rockies were pretty much giving wins to their opponents. Helton is gone for the rest of the year, and Friedrich was out [..]


Special: Fire break

Yeah, I’m breaking traditions of my posting schedule, and posting mainly non-sports news on my Rox blog. But I’d like to make this blog for my friends to [..]


One play, hunting season

Breaking news: Jim Tracy was relieved of his opportunity to manage the Colorado Rockies on Sunday. Bench coach Tom Runnels took the place of Tracy yesterday. However, this [..]

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Business meets baseball

I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that the Rockies won yesterday, and they have today off to relish the [..]


Open home

ʞaught looking I had another blog post ready, but I’ll postpone it to another day. But today is supposed to be a great day. I managed to get [..]


The Jim Tracy fanclub

Why do people hate Tracy, and what the “contract extension” really means… Read more »

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With a change of sports venue

Welcome to my first new Rox Blox posts of the 2012 year. Trying to come up with a good post, since the year is relatively new, and then [..]


Throwing a change up

Thank you for reading my blog–also known as sports. The original name was chosen because I wanted to focus on a sports blog, but I wanted to [..]