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This is a sports blog, and while I will discuss most teams, I will talk about these 3 teams the most.

Colorado Rockies

This is my all-time favorite team, since being established in 1993. Yes, I’m talking about the baseball team, and I’m not referring to the old team of the same name (now the New Jersey Devils.) This team was established in 1993 as an expansion team for MLB and played their first two seasons at Mile High Stadium. Coors Field opened up and became their permanent home since 1995.

Nicknames often given to this team: (The) Rox, Rockies, Rocks (only by Dave Krieger), Purple (for their uniform).
Colors: Purple and black
Twitter accounts and tags: @Rockies, #Rockies
Links: Wikipedia | Official site

Colorado Eagles

The Colorado Eagles were established as an expansion team to the Central Hockey League (CHL) in 2003. Their home is in Loveland, Colorado at the Budweiser Event Center thanks to Larimer County establishing their new fairgrounds near I-25 exit 259 (Crossroads Blvd). For the first 8 years of existence, the Eagles have sold out every game (so far over 311 have been played). They have made it to the CHL playoffs each year and have won the President’s cup twice. On May 31, 2011, the team announced that they would move up to the ECHL league, a direct farm league of the NHL.

Nicknames: Eagles
Colors: Blue, White and Yellow are their primary colors
Twitter accounts and tags: @ColoradoEagles, #COEagles, #Eagles
Links: Wikipedia | Official website

Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche is a NHL team that has existed in Colorado since 1995. This team was founded as the Quebec Nordiques prior to this time. They played their first 3 years at McNichols Arena until their new home, the Pepsi Center opened up in 1999. This team has won 2 Stanley Cup titles in 1995-1996 season, and again in the 2000-2001 season. The 1995-96 season was the first championship won by any Colorado team.

Nicknames: Avalanche, Avs
Colors: Burgundy and blue
Twitter accounts and tags: @Avalanche, #Avs, #Avalanche
Links: Wikipedia | Official site

Other talked about teams

There are other teams that may be mentioned from time to time:
Denver Broncos: A team I will love to hate. The first real professional team in Denver, and they seem to steal all sports news away from the rest of the team, no matter what the time or season is.  They have, however, won back-to-back Superbowls in 1997 and 1998. Note that I will try to avoid talking about them directly in this blog
Denver Nuggets: Colorado’s NBA team.
New York Yankees: One of the baseball teams I love to hate. Many reasons here include: former co-workers liking the Yankees, Steinbrenner attitude, Joe Torre, Yankee fans expecting to win the World Series, and they’re in the AL
Atlanta Braves: Could be considered my second favorite baseball team. In the 1990s, the Braves were red-hot with players like Andruw Jones and Smoltz. I guess it also helped that we got cable in the 1990s, and could therefore see TBS broadcast the Braves games even before the Rockies came into existence.
Minnesota Twins: A nice AL team, along the same path as the Rockies. Twins fans are usually nice though dedicated.
San Francisco Giants: An NL West team, and a strong rival to the Rockies.

You may see me mention other teams from time to time, including NL West rivals, the Cubs, Detroit Red Wings, and other tie-ins to the teams above.

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